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The History of A.R.T.

Michael Leahy, D.C., currently practicing in Colorado Springs, Colorado, started developing A.R.T. in 1984.  Prior to practicing chiropractic, Dr. Leahy was an aeronautical engineer with the US Air Force.  This engineering background allowed Dr. Leahy to approach soft tissue injuries from a new perspective, evolving into A.R.T.

The A.R.T. soft tissue management system is based on scientific evidence that muscles, nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue develop adhesions within and between them after cumulative injuries.

These adhesions cause the motion of muscles or joints to be altered, resulting in a wide variety of symptoms, including pain, weakness, reduced range of motion, numbness and tingling.  Examples include hip flexor strains in triathletes, upper back pain experienced after sitting at a computer for hours, shin splints after long distance running, and shoulder pain in athletes requiring throwing actions.


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  • "Dr. Webb has used innovative problem solving and healing hands to help me when I am having a difficult time, truly listening to me, and always giving me solutions. I thank God for sending me to him. He has saved my life and I do mean saved my life!"
    Bon Jolie - Franktown
  • "Webb Spine has been so valuable to me and my career. I can't make a living if I am not healthy and on the field playing, so I only trust my body to the best there is. Dr. Webb and his staff go above and beyond in their service and expertise. The A.R.T. treatment and the Pettibon adjustments that I have received from Dr. Webb keep me playing my best. Without it, I would not be able to perform the way I want to and need to."
    Josh B, MLB - Los Angeles Dodgers Parker
  • "I feel much better and they spent the time to really get to know me and get results. Highly recommended."
    Brad K. Parker